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Through the independent research & development and technical import, L.E.A.D.’s fracturing and acidizing technology services is in a leading position in the same industry, including in fracturing horizontal wells, ultra-deep fracturing and acidizing technology, repeated fracturing technology, layered fracturing and acidizing technology. It has developed an oligomeric fracturing fluid system, high-temperature gelling agent system, temperature and viscosity controlling acid system, room temperature gel acid system, low molecular recyclable environmentally friendly fracturing fluid systems, those of which also are in the lead position.

Services Range

Shale gas fracturing technology;

Fracturing Reservoir Evaluation Technology;.

Horizontal well fracturing, acidizing Fracturing fluid system;

High temperature and pressure deep well fracturing technology;

Strong water sensitivity and low permeability reservoir fracturing technology;

All kinds of fracturing, acidizing technical solutions and construction design optimization.



Over the years we have adopted innovative ideas, promoting the company in terms of petroleum engineering services, oilfield chemical additives production development strategy to achieve diversification development pattern, to serve the community. In the "efforts to build a leading domestic level, the international advanced level of petroleum engineering services team" under the guidance of vision, LEAD staff will seize the high-speed development of oil and gas at home and abroad to develop market opportunities, and actively expand the development of gas fields derivatives service industry , pay close attention to product quality and service quality, in the field of tight gas completions, fracturing horizontal wells, ultra deep acidification, large shale gas fracturing, acidizing fracturing and other oil fields will continue to develop to make its own contribution.

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