HSE Management System

  • Ÿ   commitment and leadership and accountability
  • Ÿ   policies and objectives
  • Ÿ   organization and resources
  • Ÿ   contractor and supplier management
  • Ÿ   risk management
  • Ÿ   business processes
  • Ÿ   performance monitoring and improvement
  • Ÿ   audits and reviews.
  • Ÿ   on day-to-day standards and procedures (controls)
  • Ÿ   on the management system (correction)


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  • We attach great importance to HSE and implement the HSE management system throughout the company.

    We keep improving the HSE management system that covers the whole production process and everyone from top management to grassroots operators. The person at the post, who is required to sign a letter of commitment, answers for safe operation of the post. We organize annual HSE examination and ad-hoc inspection to review HSE performance of key subsidiaries.

    In 2011, we developed and implemented four regulations including management onsite guidance. We put into practice "Seven Remembers and Seven Don'ts" for site operations, invited foreign HSE experts to help identify safety problems and work on solutions, and sent expert groups to subsidiaries that were newly-established or weak in HSE management, to provide tailor-made support and advice.

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