Ideas on the Fracturing Fluid Technology Development
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The development trend of fracturing fluid technology in the future is still in the direction of low damage, low cost, high efficiency and environmental protection. We still need to strengthen the research about the combination of fracturing fluid and reservoir.

1. Actively promote the diversified development of fracturing fluid, achieve fracturing fluid costs under control.

The reasons why price of fracturing fluid soaring and out of control is that, the main technology of fracturing is single and guar gum supply is heteronomous.Therefore, we should form a reasonable supply and demand relationship from the source, breaking the situation of thickener dependence on imports, and avoid over-reliance on guar gum.

In 1980s, fenugreek gum began laboratory study and field test and succeed. However, by the influence of planting scale, processing level and market demand, the price is not good. Performance and application shows fenugreek gum is a promising plant gum, and many of our provinces have fragrant beans suitable farming land and planting experience. It can be used as an alternative to the guar gum.

Cellulose fracturing fluid has long been used in Yumen Oilfield and Dagang Oilfield. Because cellulose is dissolved slowly, it is difficult to be sufficiently crosslinked gel viscosity, limited thickening ability, the residue formation damage and other shortcomings, the study and application of cellulose as fracturing fluid was interrupted. China has rich cellulose resources, we should accelerate the development and field test of the cellulose fracturing fluid, make full use of our resources, and gradually get rid of the dependence on foreign products.

Although the synthetic polymer fracturing fluid is a burgeoning research field, but by several decades of development practice has proved, in the short term is difficult to truly become a substitute for guar gum and with the people environmental protection, strengthen the awareness of energy conservation, natural polymers will be more important.

2. Improve the adaptability of fracturing fluid to high salinity water, Guarantee the implementation of large-scale and factory jobs.

Horizontal wells factory work aims to improve construction efficiently, shorten the construction cycle, reduce operating costs. Improve the fracturing fluid to high salinity water adaptability, such as high salinity formation water, oil recovery using sewage, water, etc., to achieve local materials extend water and reduce water costs and shorten backup water cycle, protect and implementation of large-scale factory jobs.

Xanthan gum is the most typical and most important salt thickener. In a certain temperature range (120 ℃), non-crosslinked xanthan gum base fluid has good sand-carrying performance. Non-crosslinked xanthan gum compared with other crosslinking system, it has single formula and fewer factors affecting performance. This feature is an important advantage to achieve fracturing fluid recycling.

In the background of the reservoir reconstruction is still dependent on the hydraulic fracturing technology, we believe that improving fracturing fluid has a very important practical significance for the adaptability of high salinity water. Although some of the non hydraulic fracturing technology has been put on the agenda, in the case of no recycling, it is not found a more abundant and cheaper alternative to the water.

3. Simplify fracturing fluid formulation, reduce the additive interaction, realize the online continuous mixing

The commonly used guar gum gel fracturing fluid has such disadvantages like additive variety, complex composition, and additive interaction. For example, the pH regulator is provided with an alkaline environment, which is not conducive to the swelling of the gum. In the preparation process there is the issue of additives added to the order. Continuous compounding is quick online preparation, not enough time in order to distinguish add. These needs highlights the necessity of a similar non-crosslinked xanthan gum fracturing fluid supramolecular structures. The study of similar non-crosslinked xanthan gum fracturing fluid supramolecular structure is very necessity.

4. Combination of liquid technology process engineering, compensate for the lack of liquid properties with technology

If the fracturing fluid is needed to equip high temperature resistance, we commonly use high concentrations of thickener. What followed is a lot of difficulties. High temperature resistance restricts to high dosage, crosslinking and high friction, and other contradictions, the short term is difficult to fundamentally solve. For example, we can consider reducing the resistance of water to carry high temperature resistant fiber, instead of ultra high temperature fracturing fluid for application.

5. The establishment of unconventional reservoirs and damage evaluation method of fracturing fluid, to regulate and guide the development of fracturing fluid technology.

Compared with conventional reservoir fracturing, the unconventional reservoir has a change in the object, the target and the design idea. The requirements of reservoir and process technology to the performance of the liquid have also changed.With the unconventional reservoir fracturing transformation of large-scale applications, it should be as soon as possible to establish a very unconventional reservoir fracturing fluid and its damage evaluation method, in order to regulate and guide the development of fracturing fluid technology.

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