In practice conventional oil and gas, or the term of conventional resources, applies to oil and gas which can be extracted, after the drilling operations, just by the natural pressure of the wells and pumping or compression operations.

After the depletion of maturing fields, the natural pressure of the wells may be too low to produce significant quantities of oil and gas.

Different techniques may be used to boost production, mainly water and gas injection or depletion compression, but these oil and gas fields will still be  conventional resources.

Beyond the use of classical methods on enhanced oil recovery or artificial lift, the oil and gas will be classified as unconventional.

Conventional and unconventional oil and gas come from the same original geologic formations where sediments accumulated in multiple layers in sediment basins all over the world.

After millions years these sediments form sedimentary rocks also called shale or mudstone.

Some of these shale were mixed up with organic particles giving a black color to the shale, thus called black shale.

Under the effect of the pressure in the ground and the temperature, the organic matter contained in the mud has been transformed into oil and gas.

Then because of their fluidity and difference of density, the oil and gas migrated out of the shale upwards through the other layers of accumulated sediments.

These migrating oil and gas were then stopped and captured in the porosity of overlying rock layers, such as sandstone, thus forming oil and gas reservoirs by accumulation.

As long as the oil and gas can flow easily across this porosity, the reservoir and it associated oil and gas will be considered as conventional.

Depending on the sediment layers that the oil and gas came across during its migration before being trapped in the reservoir, this oil and gas may contain different condensate and components such as sulfur and acids.

This migration also explain why each reservoir is different and may require different processes for exploration and production.

The recovery rate may also be very different from one reservoir to another even though they should be conventional.

Each reservoir will be measured in respect with it proven resources and recoverable resources.


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  • Products
    • HTHP Fluid Loss Agent

      With the rapid development of oil industry and the increasing demand of the world's energy, the drilling of deep and ultra deep wells has become an important development directionofoil industry.The exploration and development of oil field is gradually from shallow to deep.The exploration and development of petroleum gradually changed from shallow formations to deep formations, from land to sea, putting forward a h...


    • Sodium Bromide

      The corrosion of drilling tools and pipeline system in oil field is a common problem in oil field engineering, and the corrosion of drilling tools are mainly originated from oxygen, various ions and temperature and so on from drilling fluids. There are many applications of non - solid composite brine drilling fluid and completion fluid in the oilfield, which has good oil and g...



      Product Description

      SL-POLYHIB polyamine based shale inhibitor is designed for water based & polymer based drilling fluids. SL-POLYHIB equips strong absorption and strong inhibition advantages, also it could overcome high flocculation, high volume fluid loss.

      SL-POLYHIB could be added directly into polymer&water based drilling fluids, with no effects on the visco...


    • Xanthan Gum-SL-DrilZan


      SL-DrilZan Xanthan Gum is a high molecular weight polysaccharide produced by viscous fermentation. Its unique functionality compared to other commercial polysaccharides is provided by the Actual structure of the xanthum gum molecule. It is widely used as a thickener and stabilizer. Oil drilling and exploitation grade xanthum gum is...


    • Polyalcohol polyol lubricant

      Product introduction

      SL-HX-Glycol is colorless to light yellow free flowing liquid,it is composed of the initiator, ethylene oxide (EO), propylene oxide (PO) ring opening polymerization and non-ion surface active agent, it has the effect of cloud point, when it above the cloud point temperature,the polyether polyol exhibits oil soluble, separated from the drilling fluid, adhesion on the drill string and borehole wall, forming similar to oil phase molecular film, improv...


    • High Temperature High density lubricant for drilling fluids

      Product introduction

      Super-lub, is based on white oil as the base oil, supplemented by high-performance compound emulsifier, extreme pressure agent, wear agent and other low-efficient low-pressure extreme pressure lubricant. Plus a small amount, suitable for a variety of drilling fluid system. Temperature 180 degrees, salt to saturation. Can also be used in high-density drilling fluid (SG = 2.0), to maintain a good lubrication coefficient; low fluorescence, can be used...


    • Water Based Polyamine Drilling Fluids


      High performance polyamine drilling fluid system

      System composition:

      1. Polyamine shale inhibitor

      2. High efficiency emulsion coated inhibitor

      3. Aluminum salt blocking anti collapse agent

      4. High efficiency lubricant

      5. Acid soluble polymer filtrate reducer, modified natural polymer

      Polyamine inhibitor

      A water soluble polymer amine shale inhibitor, the dissocia...


    • Sulfonated Asphalt SAS

      With the development of petroleum industry, the drilling field expands unceasingly, and the application of modified asphalt in the drilling is more and more valued. Modified asphalt possess many merits, such as high solubility, dispersion and lubrication, the dispersion part could effectively stick on the well wall to form a dense layer of mud cake and oil film with other drilling agents. In this way, not only can reduce drill string of wall friction, and to r...


    • Polyacrylamide

      Polyacrylamide is a kind of multifunctional chemical treatment agent in oilfield, widely used in drilling, well cementing, well completion, well remedial, fracturing, acidizing, water injection and the three oil recovery operation. The aqueous solution of polypropylene has higher viscosity, and has good thickening, flocculation and rheological regulation, applying as oil displacement agent and mud modifier in oil production. Meanwhile, the demand of petroleum ...


    • Polyanionic Cellulose

      Since 1937, the polymer has been widely used in the drilling fluid, and the wide application of polyanionic cellulose (CMC) also pushed the development of polymer in drilling fluid to a new height. However, with the vigorous development of world's oil drilling industry and the scope from land to sea, a series of requirements have been presented to meet the specific purposes. As a new t...


    • Foaming Agent

      In terms of oil production, the foam drilling technology better reduced the pollution of oil and gas and increased the rate of oil and gas. In this field, most of the foaming agent is active surface agent, which can reduce the surface tension of oil and water and improve the wettability of rock surface, through the ways of oil/water emulsion and liquid membrane replacement, the bounded form oil can change into the freedom one so as to achieve the effect of oil...


    • Defoamer

      In the process of oil drilling, the water foaming agent-baseddrilling fluid, can produce a large amount of air bubbles, resulting in a decrease of the drilling fluid density, a decrease of liquid column pressureas well as thepoor lubrication, seriously affect the working efficiency of the mud pump, and bring some difficulties to the drilling fluid. More seriously, if meet the high-pressurereservoir, it i...


    • Calcium Bromide

      Calcium bromide and its combination are mainly used in offshore oil drilling and completion fluids, cementing fluid, well, with strong moisture absorption.

      Calcium bromide is a kind of bromide, used in oil drilling. For the low permeability oil well, inorganic salts such as calcium bromide.It isused to deserves a high relative density, solid free completion fluid, it will enable a large increase of oil production.

      Non-chloride weighting brine used as c...


    • Bentonite

      Drilling fluid is an important part of the oil drilling operation, which is related to the safety, fast and high quality drilling as well as the protection of oil and gas reservoirs. According to the actual working requirement, a series of parameters has been set up for the drilling fluid, which is used to adjust and control the drilling performance. The performance parameters...


    • Secondary Emulsifier

      SL-SEU Secondary emulsifier benefits include improved thermal stability and High-Temperature, High-Pressure (HTHP) filtration control. The product is effective over a wide temperature range and in the presence of contaminants and for reducing the adverse effects of water contamination.

      Recommended Handling

      All personnel handling this material must handle it as an industrial chemical, wearing protective equipment and observing the precautions as described in the Mat...


    • Sodium Polyacrylate

      Sodium polyacrylate is a water soluble straight chain polymer, named as PAAS, and the structural formula is. It possess a series of excellent features such as strong heat resistance, high temperature resistance (~300oC), good viscosity and quality stability and so on. Ranged a broad molecular weight from hundreds to tens of millions for sodium polyacrylate, there is a very close relationship between the molecular weight of sodium polyacrylate and its properties, such as th...


    • Oil Soluble Temporary Plugging Agent

      Oil Soluble Temporary Plugging Agent which can be used for leakage control by temporary plugging in drilling, completion and workover, especially in sandstone formation of high permeability. The grain size and softening point can be selected in the period of manufacturing according to the formation pore and temperature. Generally is added into the killing fluid to play a role of anti-leakage.

      Product Function

      1, Circulating leakage during pump inspection, sand...


    • Organic Bentonite

      SL-Drill Gel 31 is an organically modified bentonite used as a gelling and viscosifying agent for primarily diesel-based drilling fluids.  This improved version will function effectively in synthetic-oil base fluids.

      SL-Drill Gel 31 is used in the 2-10lb/bbl (5.7 – 28.5 kg/m3) range depending on the desired viscosity properties and the type of base oil used. Also, diesel base fluids will show faster yield, so when synthetic oils are used, it is important to ...


    • Potassium Formate

      The formate salts of alkali metals are very soluble in water and form brines of very high density and low crystallization temperatures. Potassium is the second most

      The formate salts of alkali metals are very soluble in water and form brines of very high density and low crystallization temperatures. Potassium is the second most soluble of the three formate brines, second only to cesium formate. Formula = KCOOH

      Potassium Formate fluids, like cesium formate, are idea...


    • Pipe Free Agent-Non-Weighted

      The product SL-OT is produced by octanol, CIS butenedioic anhydride and other raw materials by esterification and sulfonation reactions and it belongs to the anionic surface active agent, which is the main agent in the mud. It has good permeability, greatly reduce surface tension and the solution cards bottom hole liquid and contact angle, enchancing the lubricating ability, and has low fluorescence, widely used for wells of the fresh water mud and normal pressure zone; Th...


    • Drilling Fluid Viscosity Depressant

      Product Description

      The product SL-VD-1, because the molecular chain were introduced with specific structure and a certain proportion of cationic, anionic and non ionic groups, it can effectively adsorbed on clay particles and aggregate on the wall surface, preventing the free invasion of formation clay particle; Aiso, it can effectively inhibit clay hydration segregation and cutting water swelling, possessing the effects of stability of the drilling fluid and curing w...


    • Polycarylate friltrate reducer

      Product Description

      SL-POLY-FL –polymer drilling mud filtrate reducing agent and stabilizer of clay shale, produced of partially hydrolyzed polyacrilamid with high degree of anion charge and low molecular weight.

      Application Method

      1. SL-POLY-FL is designed for effective reduction of bentonite-based drilling mud filtration, incapsulation of drill cuttings, enforcement of wellbore walls, control of rheological properties.

      2. SL-POLY-FL is applied in dr...


    • Drilling Fluid Emulsifier

      Product Description

      SL-EMUL01 possesses good properties of emulsification, solubilization, dispersion, etc. It is broadly used as emulsifying agent, lubricant agent, dispersing agent, stabilizing agent, etc in oil, chemical industry. As a kind of high-efficiency emulsifier with strong emulsifying capacity, adding it into drilling fluids can evidently improve the stabilization of emulsifying drilling fluids and improve the properties of lubricity and filtration loss. Fo...



      Product Description

      TopPac is a high molecular weight, polyanionic cellulose polymer of high purity.  It is available in Regular and HV grades.


      TopPac is a primary fluid-loss reducer for water-based drilling fluids. TopPac Regular also provides secondary viscosity. When fluid loss control without additional viscosity is required, TopPac Superlo should be used.

      Both TopP...


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  • Quanlity Control

    With mastering of the different standards between international and China domestic, L.E.A.D. has move forward to establish a research and QA/QC centre to control the quality & performance of L.E.A.D.s products and services.

    Moreover, with our owned Lab, L.E.A.D. could customize the specified chemicals or services as your request. With experienced acid and mud engineers, we are going to offer a full package of solutions for all the requirements during the process of drilling, stimulation, acidizing even to the refinery.

    As a supplement, we are willing to cooperate withs several third party inspectors such as SGS, BV, also several China domestic petrochemical institute, such as China University of Petroleum. Our vision is to delivery products to our customers with best quality and highest performance.

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