Heavy oil component content in low light, high asphaltene and resin content, less straight-chain hydrocarbon content, leading to most of the heavy oil has a high viscosity and high density characteristics, mining and transportation is difficult. At present, heavy oil recovery process at home and abroad with a heating method commonly used method of viscosity reduction, mixing light oil law, heavy oil viscosity reduction and chemical viscosity reduction method. Emulsified heavy oil viscosity reducer when steam flooding, is a relatively new heavy oil recovery technology, emulsifying viscosity reducer main component is a surfactant, by reducing the interfacial tension, so that the formation of heavy oil from the oil water-emulsified state into water as emulsified state foreign minister to make a significant reduction in the viscosity of heavy oil recovery has improved significantly.


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  • Products
    • Crude Oil Friction Reducer-- SL-PFR

      SL-PFR is a high molecular weight polymer suspension, equips good dissolution rate in crude oil, low toxicity. It can reduce the flow resistance by suppressing the turbulence of oil flow in the flow, improve the pipeline output effectively, reduce the pipeline pressure, save energy and improve the safety factor of pipeline operation.


    • Heavy Oil Viscosity Depressant

      Because of the high viscosity of the oil field, it is difficult to exploit and set the transportation andbecause of heavy oil,many wellscan not be put into production for several yearsas a result to become thedead well. The normal exploitation of heavy oil can be obtained by using the surface active agent to reduce the viscosity. The efficiency of heavy oil pipeline transportation is greatly improved by using chemical viscosity reduction. If the heavy oil stab...


    • Asphalt Dispersant

      Asphaltene is the basic structure of micelle, and has a strong tendency of self association. The stability of the colloidal system depends on the dynamic equilibrium between the components and the interactions in this system, and any factor that cause the equilibrium moved, such as heating and solution dilution could break the stability of the oil colloid system as a result to the formation of asphaltene precipitation.   

      In order to...


    • Crude Oil Demulsifiers

      Product Description

      SL-DEMUL-4 series crude oil demulsifiers are efficient non-ionic surfactant products, used for crude oil dehydration of oilfield, also desalting and dehydration of refineries, power plants and electric desalting system.

      This products can quickly breaking the emulsion system and achieve the effect of oilwater separation, with effect of low temperature dehydration, high-speed dehydration , low oil off the water,high desalination rate, prolapse cle...

      SL-DEMUL-4 Crude Oil Demulsifiers 

    • Pour Point Depressant/Flow Improver

      Many crude oils in the world contain naturally occurring long chains of n-paraffins that can precipitate as wax crystals. This can occur as a result of temperature or pressure drop, or from a loss of light ends. Treatments for inhibiting wax crystal formation and minimizing deposition on equipment and pipeline surfaces treatments include applying heat, mechanical cleaning, and/or applying appropriate chemical dosages. Chemical treatment can be both practical and economic a...


    • Pipeline Corrosion Inhibitor

      During the process of oil and gas transportation, often occurs the heavy corrosion on the pipeline. The components made the corrosion are roughly from CO2, H2S, H2O. 

      Unprotected pipelines, whether buried in the ground, exposed to the atmosphere, or submerged in water, are susceptible to corrosion. Without proper maintenance, e...


    • Sodium Polyacrylate

      Sodium polyacrylate is a water soluble straight chain polymer, named as PAAS, and the structural formula is. It possess a series of excellent features such as strong heat resistance, high temperature resistance (~300oC), good viscosity and quality stability and so on. Ranged a broad molecular weight from hundreds to tens of millions for sodium polyacrylate, there is a very close relationship between the molecular weight of sodium polyacrylate and its properties, such as th...


    • Crude Oil Pipeline Friction Reducer

      SL-FR-CP Oil-Solubility Crude Oil Pipeline Friction Reducer is a kind of additives which can reduce the resistance of crude oil gathering and transportation.  This chemical will improve the circulation performance of the pipeline and reduce the energy consumption.

      Functional Mechanism

      When the chemical is added into the crude oil flow, depend on the viscoelasticity itself, large molecular chains of natural tension in the flow direction, which can affect the ac...


    • Heavy Oil Viscosity Reducer

      Product Introduction

      This product is one kind of heavy oil viscosity reducer within more hydrophilic surfactant and special additives composites. It has the advantages of wide application range, high viscosity reduction rate, and good compatibility with the emulsion breaking emulsion.

      Using Method

      The dry agent is formulated as t...


  • Technical Service

    If you have any requirement or any questions with our products, pls feel free to contact our sales or engineer person as below contact:

    Sales: Jessica.tan@sloilfield.com

    Contact Person: Jessica Tan

    Technical Issue: Grace.meng@sloilfield.com

    Contact Person: Grace Meng

  • Quanlity Control

    With mastering of the different standards between international and China domestic, L.E.A.D. has move forward to establish a research and QA/QC centre to control the quality & performance of L.E.A.D.s products and services.

    Moreover, with our owned Lab, L.E.A.D. could customize the specified chemicals or services as your request. With experienced acid and mud engineers, we are going to offer a full package of solutions for all the requirements during the process of drilling, stimulation, acidizing even to the refinery.

    As a supplement, we are willing to cooperate withs several third party inspectors such as SGS, BV, also several China domestic petrochemical institute, such as China University of Petroleum. Our vision is to delivery products to our customers with best quality and highest performance.

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