Refinery additives is a fine chemical products used for refining process problems,which is targeted,flexible and easy to use.It is indispensable complement for the refinery process,catalysts and refining equipment.

There are many types of refinery additives,it can be divided into 5 categories according to the application:

Improve the product quality

FCC gasoline additives such as lower olefins and lower sulfur content in FCC gasoline additive to improve gasoline octane additives

Environmental protection

Such as reducing the FCC regenerator flue gas SO x and NO x emissions additives. Extend the device construction period and reduce the energy consumption, such as various scale inhibitors and coking, corrosion inhibitors

Improve properties and catalyst activity

Such as crude oil demulsifiers, decalcifying, FCC metal passivation agent

Improve product distribution

As bottoms cracking aids, additives to increase light oil yield


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  • Products
    • Antifoulant

      SL-ASI Anti-coke Scale Inhibitor(Antifoulant) for Delayed Coking Unit is applied to delayed coking unit, to delay the coke of radiation tube furnace and prolong the period of run.

      1, It contains film-forming agent and anti-corrosion agent, so that the metal will not be oxygen and corroded;

      2, It has cleaning and splitting ; once a small amount of fouling or corrosion products are formed, it can deter them to get together to limit t...


    • Corrosion Inhibitor

      SL-CR-DCD | Delayed Coking Corrosion Inhibitor

      SL-CR-DCD Delayed coking corrosion inhibitor is mainly used at fractionating tower of coke unit in oil refinery.

      SL-CR-HGH | Hydrogenation Corrosion Inhibitor

      SL-CR-HGH Hydrogenation corrosion inhibitor is mainly used for the corrosion of high hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and hydrogen chloride s...


    • Composite Desulfurizing Agent

      With the increasingly poor quality of crude oil, the sulfur content in FCC gasoline increased in the same trend. As a result, reducing the sulfur content in catalytic cracking gasoline becomes the key problem. More mature technology is the catalytic hydrogenation desulfurization, however, raw materials and hydrogen treatment requires a high investment and operating costs. The current study of adsorption desulfurization is effective, but the process is complex,...


    • Neutralization Film-forming Inhibitor

      SL-CR-NFV Neutralization Film-forming Inhibitor is mainly used for the corrosion caused by hydrogen sulfide (H2S), and hydrogen chloride system at the atmospheric and vacuum unit, hydro fining unit, and the coking unit in the oil refinery.

      Distinguishing Features

      1. Water-solubility is good.

      2. This product is a kind of composite neutralization inhibitor, which is compounded by many kinds of component.

      2.1 When some kinds of gases dissolve into water, such ...


    • Low-Silicon Defoamer

      SL-LDF-D low-silicon defoamer is used for delayed coking unit, it can lower the foaming height of the coke Unit to prolong the coke-forming time; reduce the coke-powder entrainment to protect cold exchange equipment and radiant pump; reduce the coke-powder entrainment of the gasoline and diesel oil to lessen coke-powder sediment at the volatilization line and the bottom of the dephlegmator, in order to keep the production cycle long and safe.

      Distinguishing Features



    • Multipurpose Improver

      With the development of our society and the rise of economy, the consumption of oil is increasing as well as the popularity of private cars, the oil has become the indispensable energy material for people and life. But within the exhaustion of the oil resources, the multifunctional chemical additives added in the oil to improve the efficiency of oil burning seems to be a potential direction. While the development process of oil additives still has a long way t...


    • Metal Passivation Agent

      With the continuous development of oil fields and the increasing of the amount of crude oil, the high metal content of crude oil processing proportion is growing. Metals in crude oil are mainly including nickel, vanadium and sodium, the nickel could  catalyze the dehydrogenation reaction and increase the carbon on the catalyst surface so as to cause the coke pollution; Vanadium can not only promote the coke formation but destroy the lattice structure of m...


    • Crude distillation unit corrosion inhibitor

      Product introduction

      SL-Dodigen 481 is an oil soluble film amine type corrosion inhibitor. SL-Dodigen 481 shows low emulsifying and foaming trends when heated to 200oC. Due to its performance, SL-Dodigen481 protects the distillation column, cooling system, heat exchanger and storage tank, etc. Inhibition by H2S, HCI, and organic acid induced corrosion.


      SL-Dodigen 481...


    • Alkoxy resin

      Product introduction

      SL-Dissolvan 3567-1c has a high RSN value of 23.8, with 88% of the active component. It is for light or light to blame the treatment of crude oil as a main component, it can improve the non-difficult as the components of crude oil. The typical function of it is to make water drops, also it can wet the solid. It can be used in combination with DISSOLVAN3431-1c and DISSOLVAN3879-1c.

      Safe operation

      This product is for technical purposes. To av...


    • Non-silicon Defoamer

      SL-NDF Non-silicon Defoamer is used for delayed coking devices, it can reduce the foam layer height of coke tower to extend the coking time; reduce coke powder to protect cold-exchange equipment and radiation pump; reducing coke powder of gas and diesel oil to prevent toxicity of hydrogenation devices; reduce coke deposition of evaporation line and fractionating tower bottom, to facilitate long period safe production. 

      About L.E.A.D.



    • Crude Oil Demulsifier

      SL-RDE is a totally organic liquid formulation of surfactants and dispersants in a water and soluble in toluene, Xylene, Aromatic solvent, crude oil for the demulsification of water in oil and oil in water, capable of performance at room temperature, but with improved speed and percentage of oil removed when applied at temperatures near 60 deg. C (140 deg. F). SL-RDE crude oil demulsifier destabilizes the oil-water interface that surrounds each water particle in the emulsi...


    • H2S Scavenger

      SL-H2S is mainly composed of organic amines and their derivatives, organic solvent, activator and other components, can significantly reduce the hydrogen  sulfide content in the crude oil, fuel oil and other activities.

      SL-H2S hydrogen sulfide scavenger is a mixture of oxidation agent and dispersing agent, can selectively react with hydrogen sulfide, thereby removing odor, improve the safety operation of the oil, improve oil transportation in partial pressure, and...


    • Sodium Polyacrylate

      Sodium polyacrylate is a water soluble straight chain polymer, named as PAAS, and the structural formula is. It possess a series of excellent features such as strong heat resistance, high temperature resistance (~300oC), good viscosity and quality stability and so on. Ranged a broad molecular weight from hundreds to tens of millions for sodium polyacrylate, there is a very close relationship between the molecular weight of sodium polyacrylate and its properties, such as th...


    • Polyepoxysuccinic Acid Sodium

      Qingdao Lead Oilfield Services Co., Ltd. aim to develop green technology and mass production of stable poly epoxy succinate sodium solid products PESAS. The product storage and transportation safety is convenient, especially for winter storage with to save more space and cost; the solid product  is stable, can quickly dissolve in water, also, it can be equipped with any concentration of liquid products, and the performance is better than the general liquid products.


  • Technical Service


  • Quanlity Control


    With mastering of the different standards between international and China domestic, L.E.A.D. has move forward to establish a research and QA/QC centre to control the quality & performance of L.E.A.D.s products and services.

    Moreover, with our owned Lab, L.E.A.D. could customize the specified chemicals or services as your request. With experienced acid and mud engineers, we are going to offer a full package of solutions for all the requirements during the process of drilling, stimulation, acidizing even to the refinery.

    As a supplement, we are willing to cooperate withs several third party inspectors such as SGS, BV, also several China domestic petrochemical institute, such as China University of Petroleum. Our vision is to delivery products to our customers with best quality and highest performance.

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