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  • Products
    • SL-CHS|Clay Stabilizer


      Mechanisms of Clay Dispersion

      In migration, clay minerals can be dispersed by contact with a foreign fluid, or they can be entrained by produced fluids and transported until a restriction (normally a pore throat) is encountered where the entrained particles bridge, forming a restriction to the capillary. The mechanism of clays and other fine minerals has been extensively explored in other sources.

      Clay minerals are composed of small crystal structu...


    • SL-EXP-4601 | Organic Boron Crosslinker

      It is applied to all kinds of vegetable gum gelling agent, such as guar gum, hydroxypropyl guar gum, sesbania gum and fenugreek gum to enable cross-linking reaction, with characteristics of wide crosslinking rang and long delay time, to form good elasticity gel.


      Light Yellow Liqu...

    • ACD-GEL|Gelling Agent


      SL-ACD-GEL is an organic copolymer used in the oil and gas wells acidification operations to produce stable gel in order to retard the acid fluid flow through with lower fluid loss.

      SL-ACD-GEL is a gelling agent for HCl acid solutions. Viscosities of 50 to 60 centipoise can be obtained in 15% HCl up to temperatures of 250ºF. SL-ACD-GEL is applicable in all strengths of regular HCl; however, the viscosity of gels in higher strength acid solutions ...


    • Friction Reducer

      Ultra-low Molecular Slick Water System

      1. Background Introduction

      As for the unconventional oil and gas reservoirs with low permeability, high strength rock, low closure stress and natural fracture formation, slippery water fracturing fluid system has better network crack performance than guar gum system and the formation damage is low, which greatly improves the yield of fracturing fluid. Conventional drag reducing agent is not able to ...


    • High Temperature Gel Stabilizer for Fracturing Fluids

      Product Description

      Linear gel may dehydrate due to exposure to high-temperature, causing a loss of viscosity and risk of screen-out – cessation of pumping due to loss of fracture width which causes a spike in the treating pressure. Screen-outs can be dangerous and operationally challenging and time consuming to remediate.  Stabilizers are therefore required at temperatures greater than 200°F, or approximately 95°C. Special compounds have been develo...


    • ACD-BKC402 | Biocide


      SL-BKC402 is a specially formulated blend of quaternary ammonium compounds and an aldehyde designed to work
      against a broad range of aerobic and an...

    • SL-EXP-3201 | Surfactant

      In the acidizing operation, not only the formation damage of the near wellbore can be reduced, but the skin effect can be decreased as a result to improve the formation permeability. In the process of acid construction, the residual acid reflux volume is an important factor to a...


    • Viscoelastic Diverting Acid

      It is widely believed that, for the heterogeneous reservoir, the conventional diverting acidizing fluid system is usually prefer to penetrate the reservoirs with large pores or high-permeability part. As a result, the low-permeability reservoirs, are hardly contact with the...


    • Anti-Sludging Agent

      Product Description

      Crude oil containing asphaltenes, resins and paraffin hydrocarbons in molecular weight, these substances may react chemically with acids, even from crude oil, thereby forming a precipitate blockage formation, acidification effects. Global surface 70s with an oil-soluble fatty...


    • Non-Emulsifier

      Water-based fracturing fluids can form emulsions with the residual oil in the formation during or after fracturing or during other stimulation treatments. Such an emulsion can block the fractures and cause formation damage. The main function of a non-emulsification agent is to break such an emulsion in-situ before the stimulated well is p...


    • Corrosion Inhibitor

      Acidification is one of the most effective technical measures for oil-gas well and water injection well stimulation during the carbonate reservoir development process. However, acid constituted a serious corrosion to the well in the production until 30's in twentieth century that the first batch of corrosion inhibitor was presente...


    • Iron Control Agent

      According to the data investigation, the formation damage caused by the secondary precipitation of iron ions in oil-gas well water injection as well as acidizing operation is still a potential problem. All the iron ions formed by the acid its carrying, the wall rust corroded by...


    • Mutual Solvent

      For the reservoir acidification process of sandstone and limestone, a variety of additives, such as corrosion inhibitor, auxiliary agent, iron ion stabilizer, anti-swelling agent, etc. must be added to ensure the smooth progress of the construction as well as to avoid the secondary damage of formation so as to improve the acid...


    • FH-CMHPG

      Excellentrheological property of fracturing fluid is the foundation of ensuring the fracture and carrying sandso as to facilitate the fracturingconstructionsuccessfully. The low damage of fracturing fluid can effectively connect the the artificial fracture and formation matrix, reducing the flow resistance and improve the single well production, which are the difficulty an...


    • Enzyme Breaker

      At present, the fracturing fluid is mainly use oxidizing agent such as Ammonium sulfate (APS) as the main type of breaking agent with a series of advantages of low-cost, easy to use. etc. However, too much negative effects including that chemical pollution, incomplete gel breaking, difficult backflow and the large impact of fracture conductivity after gel breaki...


    • CMHPG

      Under the same formation conditions, CMHPG requires lower concentration of dosing, so its water insoluble is accordingly less, and its damage to the fracture conductivity and the metrical permeability is smaller; at the same time, the fluid has good viscoelasticity, strong carrying capacity, low friction and low concentrations for gel breaking, and it is easy for flowback. These features make CMHPG play a very important role in the fracturing of high-temperatu...


    • Encapsulated gel breaker

      Encapsulated gel breaker is a new kind of gel breaking technology. It is based on one or several common gel breaker as capsule-core and coated on the surface of a layer of waterproof material to become a tiny capsules. It could release breaker slowly and could be used in high concentration without any negative influence.

      Ammonium persulfate is a kind of common gel breaker in ...


    • Acid Emulsifier


      Product Advantages

      1. The formation of empties acid emulsion to slow the acidity, and penetration into the reservoir in the deeper depth.

      2. Relatively stable emulsion in the backflow and still clean after rupture.

      Function description

      1. SL-ASP-103 for stable acid in oil emulsion, delaying hydrochloric soluble rock in acid. The release of acid can penetrate deeper. Because this form of emulsion is not permanent, so there is no reflow phenome...


  • Technical Service


  • Quanlity Control

    With mastering of the different standards between international and China domestic, L.E.A.D. has move forward to establish a research and QA/QC centre to control the quality & performance of L.E.A.D.s products and services.

    Moreover, with our owned Lab, L.E.A.D. could customize the specified chemicals or services as your request. With experienced acid and mud engineers, we are going to offer a full package of solutions for all the requirements during the process of drilling, stimulation, acidizing even to the refinery.

    As a supplement, we are willing to cooperate with several third party inspectors such as SGS, BV, also several China domestic petrochemical institute, such as China University of Petroleum. Our vision is to delivery high-performance products to our customers with best quality and highest performance.

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