Oilfield will produce large amounts of sewage inevitably in the time of mining, which there will be many toxic and harmful chemical substances, and if the oil companies failed to correctly handle the sewage of oilfield, the discharge of large amounts of sewage will indiscriminately pollute the water, and then caused serious ecological environment destruction, or even lead to the malignant event of humans and animals be poisoned, so the oilfield enterprise are necessary to handle the oilfield sewage treatment.

The water quality of each oilfield or block is complex and with large difference. Also, the requirements for  treated water quality is not the same, so the processing technology should be selected. The development of new equipment and reagents, to develop new technology and then applied in the process has become a new trend to the oilfield sewage treatment.


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  • Products
    • Composite Biocide | Bactericide

      Product Description

      Biocide SL-402 is a composite biocidee, with features of broad-spectrum, low toxicity, quick effect durable, strong penetration, convenient, suitable temperature and wide using PH range, with long-term using, it will not make the bacteria resistant.

      It could applied to power plant, chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, oil refining, metallurgy and other industrial circulating cooling water system for sterilization and algae removal and slime s...


    • Sodium salt of Tolyltriazole


      TTA•Nacan be used as corrosion inhibitor of copper and copper alloy, it also has corrosion inhibition for black metals. TTA•Nais absorbed on metal surface to form a thin membrane to protect copper and other metals from corrosion of air and other harmful subjects. The membrane is more uniform. When used together with MBT, the effect is better.

      CAS No.:  64665-57-2

      Molecular formula: C7H6N3Na      

      Molecular Weight: 15...


    • Scale Inhibitor for Barium and Strontium


      SL-607B is designed for stabilizing of Ba2+ and Sr2+. BK-607B can effectively stabilize Ba2+ and Sr2+ in water system. SL-607B has good scale inhibition effect for calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, and magnesium sulfate, it can be used in oilfield refill water system and industrial circulating cool system.


      Add BK-607B into plastic pool (or box) ...


    • Oxygen Scavenger

      Product Description

      Chemical deoxidizing agent commonly used are inorganic sulfites, it can restore the oxygen in the water, but the reaction is slow, and need to add two or two above the price of metal ions as a catalyst to accelerate the reaction speed at the same time, because of  SO42-it is easy to produce new corrosion and scaling. Currently the using deoxidizing agent hydrazine hydrate can quickly with oxygen reaction to water, and it can react with the surf...


    • Scale Inhibitor for Water Injection

      Product Description

      SL-607 is composed by a variety of special organic phosphonic acid, surface active agent, synergist and other components, it has chelation effect for Ca2+, Mg2+, and formed by lattice distortion; it has good dispersion to chelated calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, calcium phosphate in water.

      Mainly it used for scale fouling formation and pipeline in oil recovery process, plugging, pipeline to prevent fouling caused by the. With high temperatur...


    • Imidazoline Inhibitor (Water Soluble)

      Product Description

      This product is a water-soluble Imidazoline Corrosion inhibitor, with excellent corrosion resistance, suitable for oil field water containing carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and other acidic gases. It is suitable for all kinds of salt water system within high temperature resistance.

       Application Method

      The dosage should be adjusted according to the actual situation, the general dosage between 20-80ppm.

      Package and Storage



    • Sodium Polyacrylate

      Sodium polyacrylate is a water soluble straight chain polymer, named as PAAS, and the structural formula is. It possess a series of excellent features such as strong heat resistance, high temperature resistance (~300oC), good viscosity and quality stability and so on. Ranged a broad molecular weight from hundreds to tens of millions for sodium polyacrylate, there is a very close relationship between the molecular weight of sodium polyacrylate and its properties, such as th...


    • Dodecyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride

      Product Description

      Benzalkonium Chloride is a kind of cationic surfactant, belonging to nonoxidizing boicide. It can efficiently withhold algae propagation and sludge reproduction. Benzalkonium Chloride also has dispersing and penetrating properties, can penetrate and remove sludge and algae, has advantages of low toxicity, no toxicity accumulation, soluble in water, convenient in use, unaffected by water hardness. Benzalkonium Chloride can be also used as anti-mildew...


    • RO Antiscalant And Dispersant

      Product Description

      SL-200 is a high-effective scale inhibitor, it is suitable for reverse osmose (RO), nanofiltration (NF) and ultrafiltration (UF) system. It can inhibit the scale deposit on membrane surface, improve water quality, lower operation expanse. This product has the following properties:

      1. Used together with organic flocculants.

      2. Used for drinking water system.

      3. Inhibit scales formation of calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, barium sulfate...

    • Strong Base Anion Resin

      Product Description

      SL-A400 is a high capacity, shock resistant, strongly basic anion exchange resin supplied in the chloride or hydroxide form as moist, tough, uniform, spherical beads. It is intended for use in all type of deionization systems and chemical processing applications and is especially suited for use in regenerable mixed beds. it also shows good kinetics of exchange, enabling very low concentration levels of both strong and weak acid anions to be achieved...


    • HEDP•Na4

      Product Description

      Synonyms: Tetrasodium etidronate

      CAS No.:  29329-71-3 (x-Na), 3794-83-0 (4-Na)

      Molecular Formula: C2H4O7P2Na4                   

      Molecular weight: 294

      Structural Formula:

      HEDP•Na4 is the sodium salt of HEDP, HEDP•Na4 is an good scale inhi...


    • Polyepoxysuccinic Acid Sodium


      Qingdao Lead Oilfield Services Co., Ltd. aim to develop green technology and mass production of stable poly epoxy succinate sodium solid products PESAS. The product storage and transportation safety is convenient, especially for winter storage with to save more space and cost; the solid product  is stable, can quickly dissolve in water, also, it can be equipped with any concentration of liquid products, and the performance is better than the general liquid ...


    • BKC-1227

      Product Description

      Benzalkonium Chloride is kind of cationic surfactant, belonging to nonoxidizing boicide. It can efficiently withhold algae propagation and sludge reproduction. Benzalkonium Chloride also has dispersing and penetrating properties, can penetrate and remove sludge and algae, has advantages of low toxicity no toxicity accumulation, soluble in water, convenient in use , unaffected by water hardness . Benzalkonium Chloride can be...


    • HEDP

      Product Description

      [CAS] 2809-21-4

      Alias: 1-Hydroxy Ethyidene-1,1-Diphosphonic Acid     Dequest:2010

      Molecular Formula:C2H8O7P2     Molecular weight:206.02


      SL-HEDP is an oranophosphoric acid corrosion inhibitor.It can chelate with Fe,Cu, and Zn etc.metal ions and form stable complex compound.It can dissolve the oxidized materials on these metal,surfaces.Under 250℃SL-H...


    • ATMP

      Product Description

      ATMP has excellent chelation,low threshold inhibition and lattice distortion ability. In water system,it can prevent scale formation,particularly for calcium carbonate.in water,ATMP has good chemical stability and is hard to be hydrolyzed.At high concentration ,it has good corrosion inhibition.ATMP can be used in thernal power plant ,recirculated cooling water of oil refinery.and recycle wat...


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