The Action Mechanism of Encapsulated Gel Breaker
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The encapsulated gel breaker manufacturing process involves the use of special process.

To coat a special material on the surface of ammonium persulfate (shell), the ammonium sulfate and fracturing fluid in the water isolation, at room temperature, pressure conditions are placed, the outer layer of the shell is broken, broken glue effective components. Wrapped in a coat does not play a role, only when the layer crack closure of pressure and impact, or with the temperature rise, after long time immersion, the outer coat of hair is not the same degree of broken or solution will have to release. Put out, it will send the gel breaking in. This is also the capsule gel breaker can be high enough concentration to use and does not affect the flow of the important reasons.

With conventional gel breaking agent than its advantages that can prevent the fracturing fluid gel breaking before a construction failure. But if the capsule shell material is not good, the capsule gel breaker release speed too fast will lead to the breaking of fracturing fluid, causing the construction fails, the capsule gel breaker release rate is the product of one of the main energy. In the room where the capsule gel breaker can correct and effective in the evaluation of field application tools have guiding significance.

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