The Brief Introduction of Demulsifier
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Crude oil contains natural emulsifier, asphaltene micelle and naphthenic acid etc.. When the crude oil is flowing through the formation of narrow slit or tubing, nozzle or due to the evolution of gas mixing effect, can make the mixed emulsifier and oil, gas and water and emulsion. After acidification construction, with inorganic acid adding strongly affect the ionization of organic acids as emulsifier in the emulsion interfacial film, can further stabilize the emulsion of oil and foreign minister, and with the residual acid pH value decreased, the oil-water interfacial tension. PH value of emulsification and demulsification is still going on. In addition, the acidizing rock or micro particles precipitate formed in the stratum, they are stable oil-water emulsion.

Acidizing construction, if the emulsification phenomenon occurs, and the viscosity of the emulsion usually enable higher the liquidity difference, which will not only hinder acid solution is returned to the wellbore, and easy to cause the milk formation around the wellbore plugging.

Surfactant common acid proof emulsion demulsifier with cationic organic amines, quaternary ammonium salts and non-ionic. Due to the geological conditions of the complexity (i.e., high temperature, high pressure, formation ion and other factors) and in concentrated acid used, single ground crude oil demulsifier difficult to achieve ideal effect, usually by two or more combinational demulsifiers, using the cooperative effect meet the construction requirements.

After acidizing treatment to prevent produce another method of emulsion by adding mutual solvent has turned into oil wet or partial oil wet solid particles on the surface of the recovery for water wet.

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